Published Comics

2006: Short story in the GO! MADFANS! Kim Possible Doujinshi (Japan)

2008: A Cucumber Quest, short story in Kappa Maki Vol.2 (Schwarzer Turm Germany)

2009: Zu Gast bei einer Toten, in Paper Theatre Vol.7 ( Schwarzer Turm Germany)

2010: The Aucklanders Webcomic

2011: Small Town Girl (Eigenverlag/self-published)

2012: “Wasser ist böse!”, short story in  Jazam Vol. 7 (Jazam, Germany)

2012: “Der Junge mit dem blauen Schal” (“The boy with the blue scarf”) (Eigenverlag/self-published)

2011-2013: Wilken’s Rose (Eigenverlag/self-published)

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