Wilken’s Rose Page 48


Today I handed in my bachelor thesis but I still have to survive my colloquium on the 19th… Oh my…

By the way, I’ll be at the Comic Salon in Erlangen next week, selling “Small Town Girl“. I’ll write more about it in an extra post in the coming days :)

Here is the latest page of Wilken’s Rose, Wendelina is back!

Wilken’s Rose Page 42

Here is page 42, with two familiar faces.

Yes, we wondered what happened to Schalken and Master Douw :)

By the way, it’s horrible how small the pages are in the gallery… But after clicking the thumbnail in the gallery you can open another page, just click on Permalink! I think it’s a little bigger. Tell me if it works for you :)

Have fun reading the page´:)