Wilken’s Rose Page 35 & 36


I changed the design of the homepage but I still have to change this and that. The gallery for the comic pages for example, why are they so small?!

However, if I don’t post the pages on friday, please check the page section, I always upload the latest page there :)

Sooo, please don’t be shocked by the latest page, okay? :P

For all English readers, please visit this site to view the Comic in English!


Wilken’s Rose Page 30 and 31

Hello everybody!

Two new pages this week, actually because I missed to upload a page last week XD

Next week I’ll visite Los Angeles, yay! I’m really, really nervous but there will be a new page next friday (Let’s hope the internet in the hotel works).

Have a great weekend!

If you want to read the comic in English, please go HERE :)